The most valuable characteristic is to be Loyal, Honest and maintain Confidentiality, and the Directors have been doing this in spades for over some 40 years of business life; so much so that it is entrenched in the ethos of every employee, system and in everything we do no matter how small.

Our most important business precept is Integrity

We are adaptable and the culture itself is very personable & positive. Our team has been involved with the For Purpose industry and business for many years and our work ethic is disciplined and convivial at the same time.

The result is that our team actually cares about the outcomes of their work. They work harder, stay longer and are always committed to continuous improvement.

In developing our philosophy we have developed a set of principles, & core values which we summarise as follows:


Without empathy, we cannot properly connect with your cause and support you fully. With empathy, we complete our tasks as if we are “in your shoes”; develop deep relationships with our customers and we properly care about the outcome of a project, from your perspective.