CARES allows you to focus on your For Purpose organisation and what you do best. Get a full Back Office team at a fraction of the cost… The Easy Way!

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GET ACCESS TO… A professional team who specialises in For Purpose organisations without having to worry about hiring accountants and bookkeepers, recruitment, payroll, compliance and so on.

All you need to do is concentrate on running your For Purpose.

We understand that running a For Purpose organisation of any size can be tough especially the smaller organisations when there are only so many hours in a day. All For Purpose’s have three main aspects in common. Back Office (record and bookkeeping), Regulation and Compliance. These responsibilities can take up a large part of your time, and your energy. Why allocate your precious time to your back office when it is best served by you generating income and supporting your users.

Supporting you in your administration is where we come in.

Our administration service frees up your team and allows your organisation to focus on its true objectives.
We help keep costs down and standards high.


With CARES we promise to…

  • Make our resources available to you on time and operate in a diligent manner
  • Develop a clear understanding of the resources we intend to deliver
  • Keep the lines of communication open at all times
  • Foster the development of trust, diligence and reliability
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Reduce Costs

Save on overheads, administration staff and their related costs, reduce your compliance time, recruitment, training etc. By substantially reducing your overheads we can show you how to add more net operating surplus to your For Purpose organisation.

Increase Efficiency

Of all the challenges of growing a business, one of the most difficult to solve is efficiency and quality. The truth is, done right, CARES will actually improve your quality and efficiency.
After all we have the best systems in the market and decades of experience.

Scale up fast

Use our infrastructure to leverage your For Purpose’s activities. By outsourcing through CARES, you get access to our extensive back office infrastructure to maximise your For Purpose’s business performance, and as you grow, we simply allocate more resources to meet your needs.

Better Quality

When it comes to data security, performance management, staff training and talent development, CARES will guide you with the Best Proven Quality Control Practices.
With our Outsourcing Programme, we simply dovetail our business in with yours.

You’re in Control

Your For Purpose organisation retains full control. You have access to all of the files and information’s 24/7 from your computer or laptop.

Trust and Integrity

The most valuable characteristic is to be Loyal, honest and keep confidentiality, and the Directors have doing this in spades for over some 40 years of business life; so much so that it is entrenched in the ethos of every employee, system and in everything we do no matter how small.

Immense Cost Savings Spur the Outsourcing Trend

“The majority of For Purpose organisations in the US are turning towards outsourcing for savings of 25 to 55 percent which can be used for other Charity purposes. For Purpose organisations can spend the money saved by outsourcing on a noble cause. There is no room of doubt regarding the fact that outsourcing is going to be an established trend with For Purpose organisations”